High vacuum oil diffusion pumps

High vaccum oil diffusion pumps

Oil diffusion pumps are simple, robust and reliable high vacuum pumps with lowest initial and maintenance costs by far. This is the reason, why they are ideal for industrial and toughest R&D applications. Operation and maintenance of pump is simple and easy.

Ecostream DN63, DN100 for GALILEO and JETTA 304 for POLO Italy are brands, developed and produced in our facilities.

Our latest line of oil diffusion pumps EcoJet incorporate past experience with our latest R&D on this field. Main feature of EcoJet pumps is lower power consumption by equal pumping characteristic and lower operational costs.

We produce several types of high vacuum oil diffusion pumps:

DN40, DN 50, DN63, DN100, DN150 and DN 200

Pumps are water cooled, pumps up to DN 100 are also air cooled. For every pump we also supply baffle for reduction of backstreaming.

DN40506310015020040 AIR50 AIR 63 AIR100 AIR
Pumping speedl/s608013028060010508080130280
Final vacuummbar1E-71E-71E-71E-71E-71E-71E-71E-71E-71E-7
Critical forepressurembar0,50,50,40,40,30,30,50,50,40,4
Power consumptionW801002505008001000100100250500
Start-up timeMin9910101214991010